We are surrounded by images, from the moment we pick up the phone in the morning to the big billboards on the side of the highway we pass by on our way home in the evening. Many mobile phones are probably busting at the seams with snapshots and selfies, repeated quests to capture ephemeral moments. But you have to ask yourself: Are these photographs? If you are the subject, do those snapshots capture who you truly are? Therefore, if you are looking to rediscover yourself, showcase your true self and create photographs that you will cherish a lifetime, you came to the right place. Welcome to Majestic Photography!

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About Me
Mugur Geana 
I am a photographer located in Shawnee, Kansas. I specialize in studio or on location portraiture, and event photography and videography.
My work has been part of several artists exhibitions in Kansas City. I have been a member of Professional Photographers Association since 2013.